Activate Bonuses

How do I activate my bonuses?

Activate Bonus

2. Click Lobby (in the menu)

3. Open the Lobby menu

4. Click Bonuses

5. View and activate bonuses

Close Bonus

The balance will automatically adjusted if you close an active bonus without meeting the wagering requirements, this cannot be undone.

Do not close a bonus while there are funds in the balance, play the bonus until the end.

Deposit During Bonus

Deposits made during active bonuses, count towards the bonus.

If you do not want this to happen, then make a new deposit after you have closed the bonus.

Balance Correction

Closing a bonus without wagering until the end will result in a balance correction and if a deposit was made during the bonus, then the funds received from the deposit will be debited according to this formula;

new_balance = current_balance – (bonus_amount + total_wins)

player’s balance after bonus cancellation

balance at the time of bonus cancellation

the amount of the cancelled bonus

the sum of all winnings from the moment the bonus is activated