Bonus Conditions

Welcome & Other Bonuses, Free Spin..

Welcome Bonus, Free Spins..
The below conditions apply to all bonuses that the player received which did not require a paid deposit such as; Welcome Bonus, Free Spins, Promotional Bonuses..

Bonus on Refill, Wager Bonus.
The below conditions do not apply to bonuses that the player received and used towards a paid deposit such as; Bonus on Refill, Wager Bonus U.S. etc..


The following conditions must be met for a withdrawal order to be validated and paid to the player. Players that do not follow these conditions and make a withdrawal order, will have their withdrawal invalidated, cancelled and no payment to the player will be made. No exceptions!

Account Verification
Get verified after registering. Wait for our reply that your account has been verified before playing. Do not activate and play the bonuses before being verified.

Deposit History
Valid withdrawal orders will be paid to the player when the player has made at least 10x deposits within a period of 3 months following the withdrawal date. The withdrawal order will be cancelled after 3 months if the player fails to meet both conditions.

Playing History
We will verify that the player’s wagering behavior meets an acceptable pattern and that the player has not simply made deposits and withdrawn in an attempt to “fabricate” a history of deposits and withdrawals. No specific wager conditions are enforced at this time.

Capped Payout
Valid withdrawals are capped at $50 and any remaining credits will be removed from the balance upon payout.


Why is this required?
In order to ensure that only honest and loyal players are rewarded, we reward such players after sufficient trust and history has been created.

Why didn’t you tell me about the bonus conditions?
We did. The welcome email that you received when you registered makes reference to “Bonus Conditions” in the “Important!” section of the email.

We reserve the right to cancel withdrawal orders and clear positive balances when the above conditions are not met or, for any other reason that we see fit such as but no limited to the creation of multiple accounts in attempt to receive multiple free bonuses etc..