When are my credits loaded?

When are my credits loaded?

Processing times varies depending on the payment method, network fee, and network status.

Payment Methods:

XRP (Ripple): Fastest method, typically completed within seconds. Let us know if you need assistance with XRP payments; many of our players already use it!

Bitcoin (BTC): Takes a few minutes or longer, depending on the fee used. Transaction speed may be affected by network congestion. A minimum of 2-3 confirmations are required for payment validation.

DePay (Web3): Payments can vary in processing time, ranging from a few minutes to longer durations depending on the chosen coin. With support for thousands of coins, the overall processing time can vary significantly. For instance, Matic typically takes a few minutes and requires 372 confirmations for validation.

Wallet: Paying for your deposit order with a pre-funded account ensures that your deposit and credits allocation is processed immediately and without delays.

When is my wallet “topped-up”?

Your wallet topup order will automatically be processed and the wallet’s balance will be updated as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Avoid Delays!

Your credits or wallet “topup” will automatically be processed as soon as we receive your payment. You’ll be notified by email once this happens.

Please ensure that we receive the correct amount and that you cover your fees to avoid underpaying as this will delay your deposit or wallet “topup”.