Fake Details

Registering with fake details

Personal Details

Registering with a fake or false details will result in account closure..

You must register with your real name, exactly as shown on your ID. Account verification will be done for all first-time payouts.

Registering with fake details is strictly forbidden, will result in account closure and pending withdrawals will be cancelled!

Mobile Number

Your account must be registered with a mobile number that you own, belonging to a physical SIM card..

Registering with fake, free, virtual or VOIP numbers including those received from mobile apps and online services, (Eg; TextNow, Google FI, Twilio etc..) are not allowed.

We deploy various techniques to verify if an account was registered with a real mobile number or not. Accounts found to not have been registered with a real mobile number will be flagged as abusive, will be closed and becomes ineligible to receive payouts.

Email Address

Disposable, fake and temporary email addresses..

We do not allow registration with disposable, fake or temporary email addresses. Please use your real email address to avoid having your account closed.

To avoid later disappointment, please do not register with fake or false details as you will not receive any payouts and might as well play for FUN in the Prestaslots Lobby