I underpaid, what now?

I underpaid, what now?

If we receive less than the deposit order total, your order will be underpaid. You’ll receive an email notification of payment failure and your order will need to be manually reviewed, causing a delay.

What happens next?

For example, if we received $19.20 for a $20.00 deposit order, then $19.00 will be loaded to your lobby balance and $0.20 will be added to your Prestaslots Wallet which you can use later when paying for a new deposit.

Can the $0.20 be loaded to the lobby balance?

Unfortunately not. Our system only loads full Dollar amounts to the lobby balance. For example, a $15.00 deposit will be fine but a $15.20 will not. Your $0.20 remains in your wallet until you decide when to you it, find out more about your wallet here